Summer Program

We select our summer associates carefully, with the expectation that each summer associate will succeed and become a full-time associate of our firm upon graduation.

Rotation System
Summer associates rank their practice area preferences prior to their arrival in May. Midway through the summer, everyone changes departments. Summer associates are encouraged to spend time in both a litigation-oriented department and in a group doing transactional work. Additional opportunities are available to work on projects with a variety of lawyers throughout the firm.

Assigning Attorneys
During each rotation, a summer associate is paired with a director and an associate. These assigning attorneys are mainly responsible for coordinating and assigning work. First-year associates serve as “buddies” to the summer associates, informally assisting in their orientation to the firm and to life in Wilmington.

Professional Growth
To strengthen professional growth and develop legal skillsets, summer associates undergo training in areas including, but not limited to:

Department-specific research
Writing skills
Oral argument
Ethics and professional responsibility

Summer associates receive formal evaluations twice during the summer – at the midpoint and at the end of the program. Informal feedback is also encouraged.

Practice and Community
Summer associates are routinely given the same level of work and responsibility of full-time associates. Informal seminars and luncheons further enrich the summer associates’ firm experience. A variety of social and cultural activities introduce summer associates to the firm’s attorneys and to the Wilmington area.