Richards Layton & Finger

Do You Know Richards Layton?

Fact #1

We have one location, WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, with approximately 150 lawyers. Delaware is the state of incorporation for over half of the Fortune 500 companies and over 60 percent of the New York Stock Exchange, thus making Delaware the jurisdiction of choice for corporate America.

Fact #2

Our starting SALARY for entry-level associates is $145,000 annually, and for summer associates it is $2,800 per week.

Fact #3

Each SUMMER ASSOCIATE is assigned both a director and an associate mentor who coordinate and contribute to the flow of work projects.

Fact #4

Because of the AFFORDABLE HOUSING in the Wilmington area, associates are routinely able to purchase homes within the first year of working at Richards Layton.

Fact #5

HEALTH BENEFITS are noncontributory—participants are not required to fund, or partially fund, any of the health benefits plans offered at Richards Layton. Family members are covered as well, all on a noncontributory basis. ( A voluntary dental plan is available, but not funded by the firm.)

Fact #6

Richards Layton provides paid PARENTAL LEAVE and DOMESTIC PARTNER BENEFITS for associates.

Fact #7

Each of our RETIREMENT PLANS, including our 401(k), contains a provision for annual employer contribution.

Fact #8

New entry-level associates are given a $5,000 bar-study STIPEND, plus a bar review course and bar exam application fees.

Fact #9

ASSOCIATE TRAINING sessions are presented monthly.

Fact #10

PUBLIC SERVICE and PRO BONO legal assistance are highly valued at Richards Layton.

Fact #11

First- and second-year associates may request ROTATION to another department or practice group at the end of their first or second year.

Fact #12

Associates are eligible for PARTNERSHIP (Director) consideration after eight years.