Richards Layton & Finger

Delaware Corporate Law Webinar [Audio only]

November 2010

Presenters for this webinar included Gregory P. WilliamsRichard P. Rollo and John Mark Zeberkiewicz

Topics Addressed In This Webinar Included: 
M&A: Revlon Duties, Deal Protection Devices, Top-up Options 
• In re Dollar Thrifty Shareholder Litigation (Del. Ch.) 
• Forgo v. Health Grades, Inc. (Del. Ch.) 
• In re Cogent, Inc. Shareholder Litigation (Del. Ch.) 

"Double Derivative" Suits 
• Lambrecht v. O'Neal (Del.) 

Necessity Of A Fiduciary Out 
 WaveDivision Holdings, LLC v. Millennium Digital Media Systems, L.L.C. (Del. Ch.)