ABA Business Law Section Spring Meeting

April 4, 2013


This premier three-day event is attended by business law thought leaders, policy influencers, and professionals from a diverse range of experiences.

Doneene Keemer Damon, who is a member of the 2013 Business Law Section Council, will speak during a meeting of the “Securitization and Structured Finance Committee” on a number of recent developments affecting securitization.

Catherine Dearlove and Srinivas Raju will speak during a CLE program entitled “Alternative Entities From Start to Finish: What Business Lawyers Need to Know About Formation, Governance, Litigation and Dissolution,” which will address core issues relating to the use of alternative entities in public and private business ventures today.

As chair of the Corporate Governance Comittee, Catherine will also act as a moderator on a panel entitled “Governance of Non-Corporate Entities.” This panel will be a working meeting to plan future subcommittee activities and discuss recent developments in governance of LLCs and LPs.

Elisa Erlenbach Maas will speak during a CLE program entitled “Creditor Remedies Against LLCs and LPs Other Than Charging Orders,” exploring alternative remedies available to creditors, such as alter ego challenges and the use of receivers.

Eric Schwartzman will speak during a meeting entitled “Security Interests in LLC and Other Unincorporated Entity Interests Joint Task Force Meeting.” This meeting’s topics will include formation of drafting committees, multi-state surveys and identification of necessary resources.

Greg Varallo will speak during a panel entitled “Current Events and Emerging Issues.”  This panel will discuss implications of the recent Seinfeld case in Delaware and other developments relating to executive compensation and directors’ fiduciary duties, including stockholder lawsuits challenging compensation disclosures in connection with annual stockholder meetings.