Drafting Contractual Fiduciary Duties in LLC Agreements – New Developments and Best Practices

October 17, 2013

Event| Limited Liability Company & Partnership Advisory

Join Practical Law and Richards, Layton & Finger’s Srinivas Raju for a free 75-minute webinar that will focus on the practical implications of the court’s recent decisions and give advice on drafting complex provisions. The program will:

  • Review the Delaware Supreme Court’s holdings in Norton v. K-Sea Transportation Partners, L.P., Gerber v. Enterprise Products Holdings, LLC, and other recent decisions that have analyzed the contractual fiduciary duties in partnership agreements.
  • Compare and contrast the drafting of the provisions at issue in those decisions.
  • Describe the approach to drafting contractual fiduciary duties taken in Practical Law’s form LLC agreement for a multi-member limited liability company.