Real Estate Law: Advanced Issues and Answers

July 15, 2014

Event| Real Estate Services| Environmental

Real estate transactions have become increasingly sophisticated, and successful deals require finding solutions for the complex real estate issues clients face. This National Business Institute seminar will go beyond the basics for an advanced look at complicated real estate concerns. 

Todd Coomes will speak on “Environmental Issues in Real Estate Transactions,” including

  • Local, State and Federal Jurisdictional Issues 
  • Potential Environmental Liability – Superfund Liability 
  • Environmental Audits 
  • Environmental Liens 
  • Third Party and Common Law Causes of Action 
  • Due Diligence 
  • Wetland Issues and Considerations 
  • Endangered Species and Sustainable Development 
  • Asbestos Concerns 
  • How to Buy/Sell Remediate Property 
  • Indoor Air Quality and Mold Litigation 
  • Working With Environmental Consultants 
  • Recent Trends in Environmental Law 
  • Proactive Practices to Minimize Liability