Recent Developments in Delaware Corporate Law

Spring 2017

Publication| Corporate Transactions| Corporate & Chancery Litigation

We are pleased to provide Richards Layton clients and friends with this publication, which highlights recent corporate and alternative entitycases and statutory developments in Delaware. This publication continues our longtradition of providing insight into the development of Delaware law. Our attorneyshave provided our clients with a concise update on Delaware law for more than twodecades. In recent years, this update has been accompanied by a video, which allowsclients and friends of the firm to gain insight into recent decisions. If you have nothad the opportunity to receive our updates or watch our video discussions, pleaselet one of us know or send a note to

While time has altered how we relay information, Richards Layton retains a uniqueability to offer insight and counsel on Delaware corporate law. Our corporate andalternative entities teams, the largest and most recognized in the state, play a crucialrole in Delaware. For decades, we have contributed to the development of keystatutes, litigated the most influential decisions, and provided counsel on the mostsophisticated transactions.

Our lawyers continue to expand our deep understanding of Delaware law. We havebeen intimately involved with many of the cases highlighted in this publication, andwe have handled, as Delaware counsel, the most merger and acquisition transactionsvalued at $100 million or more for 17 years running, as reported in The Deal andCorporate Control Alert. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the practicalimplications of these recent developments in Delaware law with you, and we look forward to helping you whenever a need may arise.

– Richards, Layton & Finger

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