Recent Developments in Delaware Corporate Law

Spring 2020

Publication| Corporate Transactions| Corporate & Chancery Litigation


This publication, which highlights recent corporate and alternative entity cases andstatutory developments in Delaware, continues our long tradition of providing insightinto the evolution of Delaware law. Our corporate and alternative entities teams, thelargest and most recognized in the state, play a crucial role in Delaware. For decadeswe have contributed to the development of key statutes, litigated influential decisions,and provided counsel on complex transactions—making us uniquely skilled at helpingsophisticated clients navigate the intricacies of Delaware corporate law.

Richards Layton has been involved with many of the cases highlighted in this publication,and we have handled, as Delaware counsel, the most M&A transactions valued at orabove $100 million for more than 25 years running, as reported in Corporate ControlAlert. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the practical implications of the recentdevelopments in Delaware law with you, and we look forward to helping you whenevera need may arise.

– Richards, Layton & Finger

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